Sunday, January 29, 2012

All in the Lord’s Timing

David and I have been looking for an opportunity to serve overseas. We have been preparing in many areas of our life to do so. We have completed our schooling, and tried not to collect too many personal items during our first 4 years of marriage. In the fall of 2011, we met with a missionary couple, Tony and Marcia Haug, who are currently serving in Shimonoseki, Japan. Learn more about their ministry at their website here. After discussing their needs and our desires to go, we accepted an offer to go to Japan and teach English with them for 2 ½ years. David will be teaching English conversational classes and I will be helping them start an all English speaking Pre-School for Japanese students. We are preparing to leave in August of 2012.

Every six months since we have been married, we have sent out our Two Cooks newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter was to help us keep in contact with our friends and families and to let them know what the Lord was doing in our lives. We decided to begin a blog as another way to keep in contact with people. We will not be mailing out our newsletter when we are out of country, but we will be emailing and posting them under the Newsletter tab here on our blog. We want to use this blog to update everyone on a daily or weekly basis of our work in Japan.
Currently, to prepare, we are sending out support letters and looking for donations, trying to rent our home, sell furniture and pack up things for storage of some of our personal belongings. If you would join us in prayer for these areas mentioned we would greatly appreciate it