Thursday, August 7, 2014

Two Cooks: Plus Two

Two Cooks: Plus Two: That's right one more little 'cook' is on the way. We couldn't be happier to have had Samuel and now to be blessed with another child, we are overflowing with joy and excitement. We found out on Good Friday, April 18. We've been keeping this secret for quite some time. We had thought about telling family on Mother's Day because we told them on Father's Day last time, but for no particular reason, except that we wanted to surprise family, we decided to tell them when we returned to America. We knew we would be almost half way through the pregnancy, but I didn't really begin to show until 20-25 weeks last time anyway so I knew I could hide any baby bump until then!!

We are expecting a little girl around December 28, 2014. Last time Samuel was a few days late, so we could even be looking at January 2015. Either way Christmas and New Year's just got a little more exciting for us :)

Grocery Shopping in Japan

I've always wondered what grocery shopping would be like in other parts of the world. In Japan, there are small groceries or 'stands' all over the place. Usually, you pick up what you need on your way home from work or right before supper time. In the states we went to the grocery once a week maybe once every two weeks. However, here we have to go at least every other day. Packaging is smaller and so is storage space.

The first picture is of the grocery, about 50 meters from our apartment building. This is usually where we go to get everyday items. We shopped at Costco once a month or so for cheaper bulk items. There is a little white truck in the left of this picture. About every 6 weeks this 'yakitori' truck sells various meat on a stick. It's super yummy!! 

I think every grocery and convenient store I've been in has a 'bento' section. This is where you can buy a pre-made lunch. Very healthy and very delicious.   
Part of the fish section.

Milk is on sale for 137 yen ($1.30) for a 1000 ML carton. 

Eggs are sold in plastic containers for 198 yen ($1.95) for 10 eggs. They are not sold in packs of 12 and the refrigerators  are made for the pack of 10.

Part of the vegetable section.

This did not look very appetizing to me.
These food trays are really good!!
This was our last post in Japan. Even though we are back in NC now on our first furlough, we will still update our blog. We will still send out newsletter updates and emails and try to keep everyone informed with what we are doing while we are back home for this next year.