Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas in America 2013

We were not planning on going home for Christmas, but were very thankful for the opportunity to!!

Last night in Shimonoseki before heading to the USA.
Samuel helping us pack!!

The Shinkansen (bullet train) we took from Shimonoseki to Tokyo.

Some snapshots of the ride on the train.
Snow :)

View of Mt. Fuji from the bullet train

Leaving our house at 6am and then riding the bullet train for 5 hours made him sleepy.

Not the best picture but interesting. This is one of the restrooms in Tokyo station, the red light means a stall is occupied, and when a light goes off it means it's empty :)
On the plane.

It was very nice to have a baby bed for Samuel on the flight to the US.

He moved around in it a few times, but overall slept well in it.

In NC, at Grammy and Papaw Cook's home. 

Our days and nights were switched, so this was my 7am meal one morning.

Samuel enjoyed some American food also.

Our soda bottles are 1.5 or 2 liters so this 3 liter was huge!!!

Grammy Cook got out the best toys he could ask for, Tupperware's!!


Visiting with family and opening a Christmas gift at David's Dad's parents house in Statesville, NC.

Great-Grandpa Cook

4 generations of Cook Men

Papaw and Mamaw Cook

David with his cousin Joshua and his daughter Eliza.

Driving down to Florida.

Yummy American snacks!!

In FL, giving Grandpa Kona his Christmas gift.

Pushing around Great-Grandma Kona's walker.

Opening a gift.

Trying to get a few photos with Great-Grandma and Grandpa Kona.

My brother Michael.

Letting Samuel play with his phone!!

And my sister Laura talking with Grandma Julie :)

In Lynchburg, VA for the day visiting with Ryan Smith.
Saying good-bye's.

Waiting to board the plane back to Japan.

Sleeping on the plane ride back to Tokyo.


So thankful for friends, it was great to see Kazu and Amy Kato in Tokyo.

Morning hair!!
Riding our last train on the local line home to Shimonoseki.

Back in his own play area at home in Shimonoseki.

It only cost $50 to mail our 3 bags at 50 lbs each from Tokyo to Shimonoseki.
Getting to America we traveled over 7,500 miles on two car rides, three different trains, and two different planes for a grand total of 35 hours of non-stop travel.

While in america we traveled over 1,500 miles by car in a total of 10 days making our way up and down the east coast seeing as many family and friends as we possibly could.

Coming back to Shimonoseki we traveled 7,500 miles but made a 2 day stop in Tokyo to visit with some missionary friends who live there.

It was a long trip but we are so thankful to have been able to visit family and friends for Christmas.