Sunday, September 15, 2013

David's Parents Visit

The last part of the month of July, David's parents came to visit us in Shimonoseki. This was a much anticipated visit and perfect timing because we had just finished our classes for the semester. We praise the Lord for safe travels and that we were all healthy.

Picking David's parents up at the airport and going to get some food.

Everyone was very happy.

And content.



Eating solid food for the first time.

Eating Yakitori- meat on a stick. Our friend at church, Eri's father, owns this restaurant. 

Tsunoshima Bridge

Driving over the Tsunoshima Bridge

Panoramic view from the top of the lighthouse

Samuel sporting his new carseat. He has outgrown his infant carrier by length and weight.

Saw some snall trackhoes while on our drive. 

Loving his John Deere tractor Grandparent Cooks brought.

Enjoying a day at the Aquarium.

With his Shark shirt and all, napping.

Trying on hats with Papaw Cook.

Going to get on the Cable car 
Going up.

View from the top in the Cable car.

Taking the train to Kokura.

Walking to the Riverwalk in Kokura.

Day 2 in Kokura, visiting Kokura Castle.

Castle behind us.

Samuel posing.

Eating Kawara Soba. This dish is unique to Shimonoseki.

It's so yummy!!!

He even smiles in his sleep. 

Just woke up and ready to play.

Last photo after church before we head to the airport.

Walking to our building to get their bags to leave. One more snuggle time for Samuel and Papaw Cook before leaving on the walk. Our building is the tall tan one to the left. Our parking lot is about a block behind our building.
It was a great visit. We were very thankful that they were willing to make the long trip over. We look forward to the next time we can all be together again.