Saturday, June 15, 2013

The forgotten blog....

It may seem like a long time since we have posted anything and that is because it has been a long time. We have been stretched quite a lot over the past 1 1/2 months but as always God had been faithful. So much has happened in May and the first part of June that one blog post simply cannot suffice. Stephanie may write more later but for now I will attempt to get everybody up to speed.
It all started a little over 4 months ago when God blessed us with an amazing little man whom we are so very thankful for.

The birth started out normally but 14 hours and an emergency c-section later Samuel was in the NICU at a local hospital and Stephanie was still asleep from the procedure. Fast forward one week later and God gave healing to both Stephanie and little Samuel and they were both able to go home. 
Around 3 months after the birth some complications began to manifest themselves in the form of Stephanie being in pain, as well as being overly tired and weak. The pain began to increase, so we decided to return to the doctor. They ran some tests and decided to give her some antibiotics and pain medicine and told her to rest at home. Six days after this it was apparent she was not getting better but actually getting much worse. We returned to the doctor a day before our scheduled follow up and at that time they decided it would be best for Stephanie to be admitted and to receive antibiotics by IV. Stephanie was in the hospital for a total of 5 days during which my mom was able to travel to Japan to help watch Samuel. At the end of the 5 days she was released with a tentative clean bill of health and given an appointment for a different doctor at a larger hospital. 
We met with this doctor (who praise The Lord speaks very good English) and she suggested a rather minor procedure be performed to make sure that Stephanie would not have any further complications. On Thursday the 13th the procedure was performed and everything went well. Stephanie came home on Friday the 14th and she is doing well. She is continuing to rest as home and is slowly regaining her strength. 
We praise God for His healing hand on Stephanie and ask for continued prayers for both her and Samuel as she tries to regain her strength.